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“The outlook for the deficit for the full fiscal year depends heavily on the course of the pandemic, the economic recovery and whether additional stimulus measures are passed,” said Nancy Vanden Houten, lead economist at Oxford Economics. She said that if Congress approved another $1 trillion in economic support that could push the deficit to $2.5 trillion next year. For October, spending totaled $521.8 billion, up 37.3% from a year ago and a record for the month. Big increases were seen in various government agencies working to blunt the economic downturn from the coronavrious pandemic. Revenues fell by 3.2% to $237.7 billion, reflecting in part a $14 billion decline in personal income tax collections, as millions of people who have lost jobs during the pandemic are no longer having taxes withheld from paychecks. The government’s budget year runs from October through September. Congress has been deadlocked on passage of another virus relief bill since this summer with Democrats pushing for more money than Republicans are willing to spend. The election of Joe Biden as president has so far not unblocked the impasse with Democrats calling for the GOP to resume negotiations on a $2.4 trillion bill that was passed by the House in May. The October deficit, while a record for the month, was far below the all-time monthly record of $864.1 billion set in June as the spending on the $3 trillion in coronavirus support measures passed by Congress ramped up.

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Marine Raiders weren’t training in Taiwan, Department of Defense insists A Marine Raider with Marine Forces Special Operations more tips here Command aims his rifle in support of a vehicle interdiction exercise during Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) course 1-20 at K9 Village in Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, Oct. 8, 2019. (Cpl. Cody Rowe/Marine Corps) The Department of Defense has shot down claims that members of Marine Corps Forces Special Operation Command, or MARSOC, were training Taiwanese troops on the island. Taiwan News on Monday reported that the Taiwan’s Naval Command said Marine Raiders were on Taiwan training Taiwanese arines on assault boat and speed boat infiltration operations. The report would have been the first publicly acknowledged training event with Marines on Taiwan since 1979, the Taiwan News reported. “The reports about U.S. Marines on Taiwan are inaccurate," Pentagon spokesman John Supple told Marine Corps Times in a Tuesday email. “The United States remains committed to our One-China Policy based on the three Joint Communiques, Taiwan Relations Act, and Six Assurances.” The One-China policy acknowledges that the People’s Republic of China is the legal government of China, while acknowledging the government’s claim over Taiwan.
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